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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Insomnia blogging...

Hello World

I thought seen as how this baby of mine doesn't believe I need any sleep I better get some blogging in. Have not slept for three nights but apparently its just another one of those brilliant pregnancy problems :)


Anyhoo I thought I'd post some pictures of my latest wire work creations so here goes :) Hope you enjoy!

This one is Sponge Coral and Lava Rock, with little hammered spirals and a handmade hook and eye clasp. Although the Coral looks rather chunky its actually really light weight so won't weigh you down :) Although its so lovely it probably wouldn't matter anyway :) hehe

This one here is Tri-coloured Jade Diamonds wire-wrapped with 0.8mm silver-plate copper wire and coupled with 4mm clear AB Swarovski Crystals. I love this one and am thinking about keeping it all to my self :) But you may be lucky I might just list it on etsy ;)

This one here is Korea Jade nuggets and Light Red Agate wire-wrapped with bare copper wire and finished with a handmade hook and eye clasp. I really like working with the bare copper wire so be prepared for lots more of this kind of thing :)

And last but not least some more Korea Jade nuggets but this time together with Tigereye beads wire-wrapped with silver-plate copper wire. And some coil links :)
Anyway thats all from me just now. Away to try and get some sleep before I go completely insane haha. Goodnight.
Much love
Rachel xxx

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