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Saturday, April 11, 2009

The Countdown: Towcester Flame Off

Oh my god, so its only like 6 sleeps until the Flame Off :) he he, and I am so unbelievably excited. Its my first glassy event, and I'm far too excited about seeing all the wonderfully talented glassy people doing their thing.

I'm officially off on holiday from work for a whole, well earned, 11 days! Whoop whoop, and whoop again. However, I have taken to sitting around fiddling with beads and counting down the days until I get to spend a hell of a lot of money on all things sparkly and glassy he he.

I have prepared myself for going down to Towcester loaded with cash and coming back with bundles of beautiful beads, glass...a brain full of new found knowledge and inspiration and absolutely nothing in my bank account..sounds like a fair exchange I think.

Also, I do hope to make lots of new friends, as, of course, I will be equipped with my snazzy FritHappens badge :)

Anyhow I will go now and spread my total over excitedness somewhere else

Love and Sparkles


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