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Friday, May 08, 2009

Another herringbone...

This time with gold, copper and silver wire and ceramic beads :)
Told you I was addicted he he.

Hope you enjoy :)


Thursday, May 07, 2009

Getting Started : Beginning Jewellery Making

Hello again, yeah I know, I know, two posts in one week, amazing ain't it! Haha I told you I would get better at blogging...

Ok so when I first started making jewellery I found it really hard knowing what to buy to get myself started. There are so many tools and things around it can be quite confusing getting the essentials or getting non-essential thingy ma-bobs and gadgets. Then there are books, beads, threading materials, wire, findings, you get my point? So I thought it would be a good idea to write something that will give newbies an idea of what to get and how to get started.

I'll break this up into sections:


When I bought my starting tools I did end up with alot of things I never use. I bought a plier set by Bead Smith. The set I bought was one of the cheapest ones. It is an 8 piece set, consisting of: Round nose, chain nose, nylon jaw and flat nose pliers, thread cutters, knotting tweezers, side cutters, and a bead scoop, all in a nice little case.

I do think it is good value for money as it only cost me around £9.99. However I don't use everything in it. I mainly use:

Round nose pliers

Flat nose pliers

Nylon jaw pliers

Wire cutters

Because they were not the best quality they are showing the wear and tear. So I would suggest investing your money in getting these 4 tools but of a better quality.


Okey well there a probably hundreds of jewellery making books out there but these are the ones that I got to get myself started.

All About Beads by Barbara Case

Bead Fantasies by Takako Samejima

These are the only two I bought, and the are both excellent. However as I said there are lots out there to choose from and we all have our own tastes so that really up to you haha.

Amazon is great for all your beady books : or


Well there are lots of storage options available. However I prefer tool organisers, like this one from B&Q:

You can pick bead storage up at most craft shops and bead shops and they vary in price.

I also picked up a great deal in Lidl, it was a black and decker organiser and its fab so keep an eye out in Lidl and Aldi because they often have special offers.


Now beads, there are absolutely thousands upon thousands of beads out there in all different styles, colours and materials and its really down to you to pick your own. I will warn you, you will spend LOTS of £££! There are so many beautiful beads!

Some of the suppliers I like to use that are reliable, good quality and good value are:

and the ebay shops I use the most are:

Sanctuary Beads (

K2-Acessories (

The Bead Basket (

They are all very reliable seller, with very reasonable postage rates and a great variety of beads and everything else you need.


Personally I always buy silver plate finding and Sterling Silver findings. But its totaly up to you. Theres lots of different colours, metals, finishes that you can buy. There silver, gold, copper, bronze, antique...etc.

Heres the basics:

Head pins
Eye pins
Jump rings

Other findings that are good to have are:

Ear posts

These can also be purchased from the above supliers.

Threading materials

The materials I purchased were:

Tiger tail wire which comes in an array of colours

Strong and stretchy beading elastic which also comes in lots of colours

Hemp twine comes in lots of colours but I only every buy the natural one.

Anyway hope this help all the newbies a little bit. Do not hesitate to contact me if you need any help or have any questions. Will speak soon, Thanks for reading..


Tuesday, May 05, 2009

A Little Catch Up...

Hello everyone!
Well I haven't posted much recently been a busy bee-eader!
While I was at the flame off, I bought a lovely little kit from Dizzy Di (, a wonderful Artist who was selling at the Towcester bead fair. I bought the Herringbone Bracelet kit, with the hope to learn some wirework. Well I absolutely loved it, it was so easy to understand and came with everything you needed to make the bracelet and some extra bits and bobs. The kits are available from her website along with some other kits. I also purchased the gypsy bracelet kit which was fab.
Anyhoo, since trying out the kit I have been addicted to the Herringbone wirework. So when it came around to my sisters birthday it was the perfect excuse to make a jewellery set he he :)
And here it is...

The Bracelet...

The Necklace...

She loved it :) There will be more of this as I can't seem to stop making hehe.

I also bought alot of Hemp while I was away so have been practicing with that. Will no doubt be posting pictures of that soon too :)

Will Speak Soon