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Tuesday, May 05, 2009

A Little Catch Up...

Hello everyone!
Well I haven't posted much recently been a busy bee-eader!
While I was at the flame off, I bought a lovely little kit from Dizzy Di (, a wonderful Artist who was selling at the Towcester bead fair. I bought the Herringbone Bracelet kit, with the hope to learn some wirework. Well I absolutely loved it, it was so easy to understand and came with everything you needed to make the bracelet and some extra bits and bobs. The kits are available from her website along with some other kits. I also purchased the gypsy bracelet kit which was fab.
Anyhoo, since trying out the kit I have been addicted to the Herringbone wirework. So when it came around to my sisters birthday it was the perfect excuse to make a jewellery set he he :)
And here it is...

The Bracelet...

The Necklace...

She loved it :) There will be more of this as I can't seem to stop making hehe.

I also bought alot of Hemp while I was away so have been practicing with that. Will no doubt be posting pictures of that soon too :)

Will Speak Soon



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